Archived: 2015-2016 Events' Summaries **EDITED: 11/3**

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Archived: 2015-2016 Events' Summaries **EDITED: 11/3**

Post by Purdue Pokemon League on Fri Oct 02, 2015 3:56 pm

September: Trainer Cards

Trainer card maker

Create your own front with name and (optional) Friend code. Download and paste into a blank word document. YOU WILL NEED A BACK and QR code. There are two ways to make the backside with a QR code:

Print each part separately and we will do it for you at the second meeting.


To make a back side, copy a blank background from the trainer card website, paste it in Word doc. Resize it to a size you like (do it the same to the front side too!). Make sure to put the backside on a second page of the Word doc.


search for:

[1] On the left side bar, click email message

[2] Put for the email address
Your name, first and last, as Subject
Your email address as the body message

NEXT TO #3, press the Download button under the QR Code Preview
Insert QR code to word doc.
Resize to desired size on top of the backside of card.

Make sure the front side is left aligned to the first page and back side right aligned to the second page.

Print it as front-and-back.

October: Halloween Tournament and Crafts

Halloween Themed Tournament: Congratulations to our winner, Thomas Shulse!
Used Pokemon Showdown
• Format : 3v3
• Allowed Types: Bug, Dark, Ghost
• You are only allowed to put one of your opponent's Pokemon to sleep at a time (cannot put both to sleep)
• No duplicates
• List of banned Pokemon :
• Giratina
• Darkrai
• Arceus
• Genesect
• Yveltal
• Hoopa

Event 2:
Make Your Own Mask and Charms
Pictures should be up on Facebook soon, please take a look at them!
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