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About Purdue Pokemon League

Post by Purdue Pokemon League on Fri Oct 02, 2015 4:00 pm

We are an organization that caters to Pokemon fans at Purdue University.

Our Goals:
This club’s goals are to allow students to meet and befriend other students who share a common interest and to allow students an opportunity to care for the community. Befriending and caring for others are both common themes in which Pokémon emphasizes in its franchises.
To accomplish the goal of befriending others, this club will offer students time to discuss and experience the Pokémon games with each other. For example, this club will hold Pokémon tournaments using the Pokémon games, in which members will pair up in teams and learn to cooperate with other members in order to test their teamwork skills and strategizing skills. Other events will be held in this club that does not require the games, such as making Pokémon-related arts, crafts, and foods.
Lastly, to accomplish the goal of caring for others, this club will try and make available opportunities for its members to help out the community through volunteering.

Contact information:
Emails: purduepokemonleague@gmail.com      or      pokemon@purdue.edu
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